1. Legal Advisory Services
We act as corporate advisers to a large number of business and corporation, both Kenyan and International. In this capacity, we advise and represent various banks, financial institution and multi-nationals in the establishment of business in Kenya. This includes advising and guiding them on local laws and regulations, maintaining branches under foreign jurisdiction, capitalizing, repatriation of profit and capital remittance of debt in the light of local cultural, political and legal environments.
In its practice of law, the firm aims to significantly reduce the turnaround time of registration of securities and conveyances and achieve early conclusion of litigation by avoiding unnecessary delays, wastage of time and insensitivity to client’s needs.

2. Legal audit services
The firm provides audit services to its corporate clients. This involves paying visits to the client’s premises and carrying out interviews with the company’s various managers to ascertain any legal deficiencies within the clients systems.
A checklist of legal processes that are essential in a corporate setting is prepared and an audit report is submitted to the client to consider implementation.
Service contract, credit agreements, legal forms applications, acknowledgements, safety procedures and occupiers liability are among the matters covered in the audit. The audit varies depending on the operations of each client’s business.